Good Roots Microgreen Kit Combos

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Farm to fork has never been so much fun!
Easy to set up and use, the Good Roots Microgreens Grow Kit keeps your kitchen stocked with your favourite microgreens.

There are three different combo kits:

Sunflower & Rocket and Radish & Red Mustard

Sunflower & Rocket and Broccoli & Peashoot

Broccoli & Peashoot and Radish & Red Mustard

To get started: Simply divide the peat moss evenly between the two trays of each kit, sprinkle the seed on top, gently water and then slide into the clear greenhouse bag. And after you've harvested, you can just toss the 100% biodegradable kit onto the compost heap.

What's in each COMBO kit:
2x grow tray
2x seed packet
200g high-quality peat moss
2x greenhouse bags (one for each planted tray)

Microgreen Benefits:
Want to plant, grow and harvest your own food in 2-3weeks? Then get growing with Good Roots Microgreens Grow Kits. The tiny, leafy vegetables and herbs are healthier, tastier and substantially more nutrient-dense than full-sized greens. They're also more photogenic. So share the extra colour and texture in your salads and shakes on the gram, and tag us it grows with good roots.

Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, this is the fun, easy and tastiest way to grow your own food... All in the convenience of your kitchen.

Think bigger is better?
That's cool, you do you. Once the seeds have grown into seedlings either transplant into larger containers or the garden where they'll grow into full-sized greens.
Growing instructions for each seed type is included on the underside of the packaging.