Make life greener.

GoodRoots has bespoke gardening products that add to the beauty of your home - so you can show them off, not stow them away. Ensuring the delight you feel for your plants is reflected in the tools that help you care for them.

Good Roots Rachel Concrete Pot and Saucer
Matching Saucer
Message Stones

fromR 30.00

Good Roots Joss Concrete Pot and Saucer
Matching Saucer
Fiji Orchid Pot

fromR 60.00

  • White
  • Desert Rose
  • Deep Rose
  • Fuschia
Good Roots Watering Jug
Sold out
  • Pennygum green
  • Polar white
  • Olive Grove green
  • Cucumber Vine green
  • Lavender Fields purple
  • Flower Pot brown
  • +1
  • brown
  • Light grey
  • dark grey
  • cream
Good Roots Sammy Concrete Pot
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Weed Discs

fromR 20.00