SeedCell Mixed pack

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These 100% biodegradable seed pots are the easiest way to grow herbs and veggies at home. Pop a single pod into a pot of soil and sprinkle a fair amount of water over it. The eco-friendly pods absorb and store moisture, helping the seed to thrive. As the plant grows, the pod biodegrades, meaning there’s no waste. The seeds are GMO-free.


Each Seedcell ‘wheel’ contains 8 pods, with the following combinations:

Mixed salad (4 Rocket pods, 4 Lettuce pods)
Mixed herd (2 Basil, 2 Coriander, 2 Chives, 2 Parsley pods)
Mixed vegetables (2 Pumpkin, 2 Broccoli, 2 Courgette, 2 Cucumber pods)
Mixed tomato (4 Cherry, 4 Money maker pods)
Mixed chilli (4 Cayenne, 4 Jalapenos pods)
Pizza Toppers (4 Basil, 4 Tomato pods)

Each pod contains a number of high quality GMO-free seeds to ensure success!