Weedgard Ground Cover

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What is Weedgard? Weedgard is easy to use and big benefits. Made from brown or black spun-bonded non-woven polypropylene, the tough landscaping fabric allows the soil to breathe and absorbs water and nutrients, stopping weeds dead.

Key Attributes:
A protective, permeable barrier against weeds that:
Stabilizes soil
Retains moisture
Saves on mulch
Improves filtration
Promises weed-free gardens, pathways and patios

It’s This Easy:
Step1: clear the area of turf, weeds and some of the soil to allow for enough room for the new surface to be laid.
Step2: roll out enough fabric to cover the required area., allowing 5cm overlap from row to row, and hold down using ground pegs.
Step3: use scissors to cut to your required size. Cut slits to fir around existing plants and crosses for new plants.
Step4: cover with mulch, soil, stones, pebbles or gravel to a depth of 5cm. For use under paving and bricks covered with sand


1m x 10m roll
Spun-bonded non-woven polypropylene