GoodRoots empowers you through specialist brands that simply plant care with their curated offerings. Grow with Artevasi, Bokashi, Brockytony, Ter Steege, Gorilla Tubs, Seedcell, Neptun, Towa Golves and Weedgard.

Pots + Planters

Come pot around our wide selection of quality pots and planters of all styles and sizes.

Tools + Accessories

Putting the 'fun' in functional - we've got what you need (and more) for every job.


Sprinkle, spray and soak your way to happy, healthy plantlings, with our traditional galvanized Watering Cans and Terracotta Self-Watering Spikes.

Growing + Composting

Complete the cycle of plant care by embracing self-sufficient gardening with products designed to help you, help your plants.